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Name: April Stone


  • 2008 Capital of Texas Roundup Figure Overall Winner
  • 2008 Capital of Texas Roundup Figure Class D Winner
  • 2008 Capital of Texas Roundup Figure Master's Winner
  • 2005 Heart of Texas 3rd place Figure Tall
  • 2005 Heart of Texas 1st place Couples
  • 2004 Central Texas Cup 3rd place Figure Tall

Height: 5'8 1/2
Contest Weight: 125lb
Hometown: Houston currently residing in Round Rock, TX
Occupation: Elementary School Librarian and Co-Owner of City Blends Smoothies and Sports Nutrition in Round Rock.
Trainer: Adela Garcia

     My family and I have been in the fitness industry for many years.  We currently own a nutrition store in Round Rock, TX called City Blends Smoothies and Sports Nutrition.  We are also involved in managing our nutrition website: TKONUTRITION.COM. 
     I have competed with my husband for several years and never realized my full potential until I had the opportunity to train with the absolute BEST in the industry: Adela Garcia.  Adela reformulated my entire apporach to training and prep for this show and the results were absolutely amazing.  She singlehandedly transformed my diet, managed my workouts, critiqued my posing and picked the best presentation (suits, makeup and hair) for me.
I am very greatful to Adela for helping me in my goal of bringing the best librarian to the stage on August 9th '08.

April Stone

Name: Barbi Draper

     My name is Barbi Draper and I was born in Bloomington, Illinois but currently live in Fort Collins, Colorado. I've been active in sports all my life.  Yet, it wasn't until I've met the woman who inspired me in 2001, to push my fitness to the next level.  That woman is Adela Garcia!  I recently reconnected with Adela and she has guided me to not one, but TWO first place wins at the NPC Texas State Championships and the NPC Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships in Colorado.  
     I may have my residental address in Colorado, but I travel over 250 days a year. Despite the travel, Adela has helped me to make my training a priority. In the last 3 months, I've trained harder than ever.  I work 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week. To get in my workouts, I'm up at 4:45 every morning to do my first session of cardio. Over the lunch hour I manage to lift in at whatever gym is closest to the area I'm working in that day. Then, after work, I do another session of cardio.
     As far as eating goes, again, Adela has me on track with my diet!  I pack a cooler full of meals for the day.   Without Adela's inspiration and guidance to help me eat right, train hard, and use proper form when posing; I would never have experienced the amazing feeling of being on stage, qualifying for nationals, and taking home numerous 1st place trophies!  I want to earn my pro card and to be a pro, I have the best pro to train me

- Adela Garcia!!!




Name: Kristina Rojas

    My name is Kristina Rojas im 21 and was born in McAllen, TX. Ive been very active all my life, i was involved in sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics, track, and soccer. I was a cheerleader at the university of texas pan american and a pro arena cheerleader for the rio grande valley dorados football team. Im attending college right now studying to be a registered dietition also working as a personal trainer. Through high school i would always see these fitness competitions on television and saw what these girls were doing and said to myself i can so do that! Wishing  that one day i could be just like those girls. After high school when i got my first job as a personal trainer i got introduced into the fitness industry. I started my fitness career in october 2006 at the age of 19 at the NPC Laredo Gateway Classic where i competed for the first time in fitness and got 1st place. At that time i knew that fitness is my calling! i loved being on that stage doing my routine, it was the best feeling in the world. I became very determined to make it far in the fitness industry. I decided to compete again in july  2007 at the John Sherman Classic and got 1st place in fitness qualifying me for nationals! I was even more determined to make it to the top wanting that pro card! I made plans on doing nationals that same year working even harder than ever. It was about 3 weeks before nationals that i was left alone with no guidance to the end in which i was in desperate need of help. This is where the best person in the world came to the rescue! I got in contact with adela garcia and she helped me so much! She helped me fix my diet, correcting my posing, cleaning up my fitness routine, and my suits! Adela was like an angel sent from heaven for me! She is my biggest inspiration! Hearing from her that i got what i takes to make it meant so much to me! She guided me the rest of the way to nationals. I was so excited stepping on that stage at my first nationals showing them what i got. In the end guess what? I got 1st place in class A earning my PRO CARD!! oh my gosh was that the best feeling in the world! All the hard work i put in all the stressful times so payed off! I had accomplished my goal! I earned my pro card at age 20 and at my first nationals. After that i took a couple months off and began training hard for my pro debut in july 2008. Adela has been there for me this whole time guiding me and helping me get to where i need to be to compete with the pros now. I had my pro debut in july 2008 at the houston pro and i have to say it was so amazing just being on that stage with all the other pros! 

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     I also competed at the europa pro this year and ended off my first pro season placing top 10! I got 9th place of 16  girls. I am so determined to come back stronger next year and have a great season! Adela is a true inspiration to me and has helped me so much with proper nutrition and training. I feel so blessed for everything i have accomplished and to have come this far in the fitness industry at such a young age. I have big plans for myself as a Pro athlete and yet there is much more to come! Adela thank you so much for all your guidance and being there for me!

Heather Baker

Heather Baker     When i entered my first fitness competition, i had never gone to any camps or had been to many shows. i was just intrested in competing and i loved the way the pro's looked on stage.  I had a local body builder help me set up my diet and kind of guide me through. Even though i did get lean, it wasn't quit the look the judges were looking for. i was much to thick and still needed to loose more body fat to have the look of a "fitness" competitor. On top of not looking the part, i was doing close to 4 hours of cardio daily on top of weights and my routine. When it was stage time, i lacked confidence and was not knowledgeable of things like how to pose, what the tan should look like, what my make up should look like,etc. I didn't understand the over all package.

     Right after my show i knew if i ever competed again i would have to take a different approach. Always being a fan of Adela's, i started looking at her site and came across O.F.F. my first goal in mind was to learn how to pose. When i got to the camp it was nothing like i had expected.... It was so much fun!!!  I thought i was going to learn a whole bunch about competition stuff but actually the camp was catered to each individual. You had your beginners crowd who wanted to understand the basics of working out and nutrition, you intermediate work out goer who needed a change of pace, and the more advance people who wanted new routines and insight on competing. On top of kicking my butt on the gym floor, she made me understand important the whole competition package is starting with the diet all the way to the stage. When i followed her program it changed my whole physique; it was like i had a completely new body. On top of that she didn't make me do countless hours of cardio. Doing Adela's diet and training program was the best choice i've ever made.   

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